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Unit 2 - Negotiation skills
2: Preparing for a negotiation
Understanding the positions and interests of the other party are vitally important, before we commence negotiation. What are their priorities?
Unit 3 - Negotiation skills
3: Setting the right agenda
So the preparation is done, where to negotiate? What message do you want to send? Setting the agenda and the opening of the meeting is vital.
Taking a Life Planning approach
Life Planning is Financial Planning Done Right - George Kinder
George Kinder, founder of the Kinder Institute of Life Planning, discusses the 'Three Questions' approach to discover a client's most profound goals.
Interpersonal skills
Present To Win - powerful lessons from the world's greatest orators
Dan Russell presents the first in a new series showing you practical ways to build your confidence in presenting your proposition to clients and prospects.
Better client meetings
2. Structuring a client meeting with the ERIC model
So you've arranged that first meeting and prepared well. ERIC helps you to ensure you align your proposition with the client's needs.
Handling client objections
3. Five steps to handling objections
Every proposition, however good, encounters objections. Dan presents a simple framework you can use to handle them.
A key person of influence?
Becoming a key person of influence - Daniel Priestley
Every industry has Key People of Influence. Their names come up in conversation...for all the right reasons. They attract opportunities...the right sort. They earn more money...and it isn't a struggle...
Developing your personal proposition
Fearless referrals
Matt Anderson of The Referral Authority discusses why 'word of mouth' is so important and the five key areas advisers should focus on.
Client segmentation
2: Are all clients equal?
Do you deliver the same service to all your clients? Effective client segmentation drives increases in potential income and lower service costs. Here's how...
Advanced segmentation
3. Understand your top twenty clients
If you've done your basic segmentation work, take it to the next level by analysing your top clients. What's this information telling you?
Focus on paraplanning
Encompass FM - A case study